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Originally Posted by skires View Post
Your inbox is full fella.

3 pages of advice and you haven't heard a word.
You are spot on i have had some brilliant advice and I appreciate every bit of it
But I have had some pm saying the mpr is a good rifle but for consistency of shot I am better of with a regulated rifle as when the mpr air pressure drops off near the end of a shoot it affects lock time .
So a regulated rifle will always be the best option

I am not dismissing any advice or help given I am just going through it all and working out what's best for me .
That's the bad bit
if the exchange rate changes and the euro gets stronger then I am priced out of a new rifle as I am at my very limit of finance.

So what's going on in my head is the mpr will do for this season no problem at all against this might be your only chance of a new rifle in your price range

I really do appreciate all the posts and help and advice
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