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Originally Posted by MickyFinn View Post
And now you want an Anshutz! Where did that come from?
A guy at club had his 9003 at the club and it was stunning it was out my price range he had custom work done rifle 5k and his new s+b ft platinum is on order 3k
he was saying the 8002 is a brilliant rifle and if converted to 12fpe properly is a very consistent and very accurate rifle.

My head is spinning with all the choice available and with the euro about to hit 150 to the pound later in the week it's decision time
keep mpr buy second hand import new
walther lg300 dominator 1250 steyr hft 1480 and will be cheaper by Friday
I'm thinking that's getting to uk second hand prices
that's my thinking behind it .

yesterday I tried ftp900 ev2 mk2 mk4 a steyr ft just to see what I liked
I thought they were all good .
favourite 2 ftp and steyr

I'm driving myself mad with this
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