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Originally Posted by Doberman1979 View Post
Been listen to elsewhere thou! Went all way from Pontefract to Lincs yesterday to put in a 42 standing & kneeling. Feel bit happier after reading this!
Good man.

I'm sort of cross posting here because the same thread is up on the BBS.

I've just posted on there to say that I think this is a disease. Some folk get just as much of a thrill out of bouncing from one top end rifle to another as they do shooting them. That's great if it floats your chicken.

If people genuinely want to improve scores then swapping rifles for the next whizz gun isn't the way. Get it to fit, get a pellet that suits it and then practice what costs you points. If you are struggling to do that on your own then ask someone who is pretty good at this to help you.

I seriously believe that if you have a rifle/pellet combo that will bag rest under 5p at 45 yards, and it fits you, and you have a scope that you can see the targets from about 13 yards to 35 yards pretty clearly, and 40 is off a tad, and 45 is off a tad more, and you know the aim points, and you waggle your head from side to side, and up and down, and you lose the picture, so you have a decent chance of avoiding PA error, then you don't need anything else until practice has pushed you up to averaging around low/mid 50's.

If at that point you want to try and steal a couple of more points every other shoot, then look at improving the glass first and maybe the rifle next.

Or ... if you just like the rush of a top of the range new boom boom stick ... then keep getting the credit cards out.

Either way ... enjoy.
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