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I am a tad dismayed that there appears to no appetite to lobby BASC for a change to the Statutory Instrument and for a standard test.

Whilst I fully appreciate that there are not hoards of air gunners being dragged to court, there is a risk, and that risk is unacceptable IMO. When I realised that my S200 is a s1 firearm (because it's "capable") I got it on ticket because I have too much to lose if I had been prosecuted. In any event why should anyone be subject to potential prosecution on the basis of being "capable" of breaking the law? Imagine if we had to pay tax based on our capability of earnings?

I do not believe that there is a risk that the power levels would be reduced. If power levels were considered a problem, then they would have been amended before now. Hell's Teeth, 2 major primary legislative changes have been made and put on the Statute Book (VCR & the Anti Social Behaviour Acts), so changing an SI would definitely have been performed if power levels were considered too high.

We need to get together and lobby BASC! Air gunning is too important to the sport of shooting to let it be down trodden

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