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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
All good then!
None of the BSA's have "farted" since the SE versions of the Ultra and Scorpion were introduced, from that time all the actions have had a lighter hammer with a shorter stroke and stronger spring giving a much faster crisper firing cycle.
Interestingly, I have something called a "Tench regulated" BSA Ultra MMC version. For some reason, that doesn't fart either
If it wasn't for the impressive performance of that little gun, I probably wouldn't have considered buying BSA. After modifying the stock to fit properly, I couldn't believe how accurate such a short barrel could be at full power. It gave me confidence to look into the SE range. I was considering the Scorpion SE for a while. BSAs won at Cambridge last year, which was a bit of a shocka. Then the Goldstar SE appeared. Bingo! We will see how well I do in competitions leading up to the World's.

FYI regarding the magazines popping out during use, this was because the locating pin wasn't going in properly. The magazine stop was too far in, preventing the magazine from being pushed in far enough. I fixed this by shimming relevant parts of the stop with aluminium tape, effectively giving the stop an extra 0.1mm of depth. Now the magazine and single-shot adapter are a snug fit and all is well during use.

Another point of note to potential Goldstar SE users; the length of the cylinder is almost the same as that of the barrel. Moderators that are tapered at the threaded end will fit OK, but if the moderator has a thread in the flat end of the can, it probably won't fit. I have Hugget moderators, one of each style, but only the tapered one will fit.
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