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Simply a high end rifle or scope will make no difference if you do not have the knowledge of how that rifle performs ie what is the rifles sweet spot ie what pressure do you fill it too.

Also what pellet does your rifle like and how consistent is your rifle if you can produce a good group at 45 yards than nothing wrong with the rifle at all.

Scope is the same get to know your scope ie the reticule of your scope and where your aim points on that reticule also how to get rid of parallax with your scope. Also use scope for ranging plus other methods .

Practice your weaknesses ie standing kneeeling etc

You have been shooting HFT for a couple of years get to know all this stuff then scores will get better.

Short answer NO A HIGH END RIFLE will not get you the scores you want without the knowledge behind it.

There are plenty of people who shoot steyrs and walthers and all the other top end rifles who get poor results due to poor knowledge of thier kit and how that kit works.

Nick Grant Greg Big Rob know thier kit inside out Some people blame thier rifle or scope when really it is the shooter at fault.
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