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Take note of what Rob says; you don't have to have top end gear to do very well. In my view it's more important to put the money into the right scope, for HFT and maybe even more for FT.

Different discipline I know, but our club top two competitors put in very similar scores at bench rest. One has a Walther Dominator and the other has a standard S400 pre-anti tamper action housed in a home-made stock made from aluminium channel and box section.

Our top FT shooter has a MPR and a 400, and if the truth be told he gets better scores with the 400.

We've got about a dozen members who shoot indoor 20 yard standing Lightweight Sport Rifle and the best average is between 95 and 96 ex 100 which places him in the top 20 or so in the country, using a 2002 model S410 and a Simmons Aetec scope. Some of the other top guys who shoot this discipline with 22LR rimfires spend huge amounts of money; a month or two ago one showed me his new titanium trigger blade that alone cost 300.
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