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I have posed this question on a regular basis of whether to shoot a Steyr or stay with my MPR.
I have shot Daystates, EV2's, Pro Target and a few 400 guns in over 7 years of HFT, but I keep going back to the MPR with a custom stock , but with mid range glass on top, Sightrons and Burris mainly. Mickyfinn and Rob ares spot on with their remarks above.

Steyrs can have problems just like any other gun so it depends on what you preference for balance and weight is really. I can shoot mid-high 50's on a good day and I don't see a Steyr making any improvement to my scores. To me a well suited pellet batch and a good fitting stock and a great deal of positive thinking make more difference.

The fact that a better shooter than me shoots a Steyr and I keep chasing his coat tails is another matter.

With the MPR and an aftermarket stock and a good scope, you will compete with anything, as long as you are used to the gun and how it shoots in any condition or position.
MPR's are a lot easier to work on or repair and get spares for, when you are shooting the next day and it packs in, which they rarely do.

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