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Hi Brian,
I fully realise that not all airgunners are apathetic and shouldn't all be tarred with the same brush. Unfortunately I think most airgunners are apathetic and will do little to improve their situation. (this unfortunately applies to most walks of life)

If there was a "will" to alter the power levels then it would have been done in the last 46 years. There have been (with the VCR Act and ASBO Act) changes made to legislation pertaining to airgunners. They were a first class opportunity to alter power levels should there have been a wish to do so.

To remove a major handicap it doesn't even need a change to primary legislation, just an amendment to a Statutory Instrument, to remove the word capable. We would still have our power levels but also we would have legislation we could comply with.

I will watch what happens in Scotland with interest.

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