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If we all stand back and say there little we can do, then yes we are doomed.

If on the other hand we can get enough people trying to get the subject raised at some point them maybe we can get something done. There are quite a number of airgunners in BASC (perhaps should be more), maybe they could lobby BASC into taking some kind of action.

Although the licencing proposals in Scotland are ridiculous perhaps they would give us the opportunity to make some headway. Today the S.I. designating "Capable" would not get off the ground. Scotland will have to determine a start and finish point for their licence and determine how they will establish those points. There will be a lot of interested parties involved in that from toy makers, through airsoft and paintball manufacturers, dealers and users. Westminster will also have to be involved as "their" licence will be involved when the Scottish one finishes.
If the inference is that they will leave the demarcation line between Scottish and Westminster licencing as it is then surely the opportunity arises for it to be questioned.(exactly how is it determined)

BASC have already been involved in the pre licencing discussions and I presume will continue to be involved.

Our (airgunners) position has become more perilous over the last few years and Scottish airgunners have the unfortunate position to be lumbered with perhaps even more constraints. If any time is right to voice these concerns, surely it's now before further impositions are made on us.

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