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Originally Posted by raygun View Post
Col, if you think it's pointless then I feel very sad for you.

It's not rocket science to understand that airgunners are currently in an invidious position. It appears that there is little we can do about it except "suck it up". The way that imposed position is being defended I find hard to believe when it should be fought.

I am now thinking that this opportunity will be missed because airgunners just don't care enough. We probably deserve everything we get. Apathy wins.


I'm not saying it's pointless pushing for a standard test, if it won't leave us in a worse place.

I'm saying discussing this on here, in this thread, and you keep saying that you know of 2 cases, and me keep saying that I don't know of many over the last 46 years, is pointless. Me keep saying that if we keep our rifles at 11.5fp or below and shoot on permission or club ground and don't do anything daft, then the chances of your gun being seized and it going to Boris's lab to be turned into a rotary cannon, is minimal, and you keep saying 'what if' you are the one with the criminal record, is pointless.

It's like two MP's on the tele just keep saying the same thing and not moving on at all.

What do airgunners do to get a standard test? Is there ANY risk that we may end up in a worse place? IE ... Limit stays at 12 but because any test will have variables re temp, pellet fit, reg set up etc, then they tell us that the standard test must see the guns below 9fp so there is leeway for variables that may take it closer to 12fp.

I care greatly. What can be done?

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