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Col, if you think it's pointless then I feel very sad for you.

It's not rocket science to understand that airgunners are currently in an invidious position. It appears that there is little we can do about it except "suck it up". The way that imposed position is being defended I find hard to believe when it should be fought.

I've taken part in BASC "Young shot's" days, coached Scouts, was instrumental in my club making no charge whatsoever for juniors under 17 to shoot (free membership, no range fees, free entry to club comps).

Today I would advise any junior or parent to find another hobby than airgunning. The legal implications are just too much now to risk. We have very few juniors at National HFT level (although some are excellent). We are in a position where more are leaving at the top than are coming in at the bottom.

I think we are going to be presented with a chance that legislation will have to be "looked at" in Scotland and hopefully Scottish airgunners/shooting organisations can take the opportunity and make something of it.

I am now thinking that this opportunity will be missed because airgunners just don't care enough. We probably deserve everything we get. Apathy wins.

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