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For FT/HFT, you don't need X brand gear. Rifle wise, all you need is a gun that groups well, consistently, in the same place, across a comp and really across a series or year, without moving or degrading.

s200's are capable of really good groups. (or the old one i had was). What it wasn't capable of was keeping that in the same place.

Why people end up with similar gear is either because there's a common level of performance from gun model X, or people perceive there is. Same reason as why some models are not common.

You're free to make your own decision on that, but it's best to make an informed decision. That said, there's a minority who just decide that decision has already been made and buy what's popular.

There's also a perception that top guns are tuned. More often than not, in my experience, guns are fixed. My walther used to vary by temperature so fast and consistently i could work out the POI by reading a temperature strip. A 2p seal made out of a different material solved that. It's running a standard reg now, and i've polished the hammer after it got into a state, but that's it... it's standard.
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