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Hey up Ray

This is why I deleted the post and said it's pointless.

You are doing " The sky is blue " thing again. You'd make a great MP.

We can forget the AT thing now. I agree with you. There probably wasn't a threat. We didn't need it.

I ask you to provide proof of all these people with criminal records over the last 46 years and you ask me to provide proof that there aren't many. All I have is evidence that guns aren't being taken at every opportunity and sent to a dark place where they are made to be capable. You've quoted the same two cases again.


We have to comply to legislation that is poorly worded at best.
We have to do that because we are held responsible but we have no control due to AT.
We have to use a test that doesn't exist to conform to a poorly worded law that we can't do anything about anyway.

Now that's a great situation to be in just to follow a hobby.


At the moment the two options are ...

Option A ... An airgunner wants to be absolutely 100% that his gun won't be randomly seized on permission or at a club, the gun sent to a Demon lab and made to go over, and he gets a criminal record. He's actually got more chance of being hit on the head from falling debris from the failed 1970 Apollo 13 space mission that has made it's way back into the atmosphere. If he still wants that certainty then his only option is to not own an air rifle until a standard test is in place. He may wait a long time.

Option B ... Set his gun to under 11.5fp and only shoot on private land/permission/club and make sure no pellets leave their boundaries, and accept that that is all he can do, and the chances of him getting a criminal record are so minimal that he needn't worry about it..

Make your own choice.

We can keep kicking that about for a few more pages.

So like we've said ... pointless.

ATB matey

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