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Originally Posted by skires View Post
Did you read my earlier post?

The bit I mentioned about the phrase that is the psychiatrist's nightmare and the insurance saleman's best friend, the foundation of all fear?

I've given you a clue above in your statement.

The other important bit for you to dwell on is ...

... they didn't take your guns.

Thanks for proving my point.

Did you know that an old law, from the days when we were often having fisticuffs with the French, still demands that every English male over the age of 14 should practice with his longbow for at least 2 hours a day. Failure to do so could see you dancing on the end of a rope.

I'm not too convinced that the coppers are all that bothered about that law either ... but 'what if' they come knocking on your door to check? You'd best get a longbow and start practising.
I wear body armour when I ride motorbikes because of 'what ifs'
And guess what? One day I high sided my bike into the back of a car, and I'm still around to post about it.
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