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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Spot on Col

I also don't subscribe to this idea that there might be some demon forensic lab out there willing to do anything to put a gun over the limit to secure a conviction and make money.

If any lab does something to a seized gun to put it over the limit, that if done to any other gun available in the shops would also put them over the limit, then they've instantly opened themselves up for a very good defence. A half decent barrister would rip them a new one in court.


Don't forget in our legal system, a forensic lab has to prove your gun is 'capable' beyond any reasonable doubt. All your barrister has to do is raise a reasonable doubt about the procedures.
Yet in the aforementioned case, the lab openly stated that they were asked to "see what it would take to make the rifle go over power". They managed to confuse the Jury enough to get a wrongful conviction regarding one of the rifles.

Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
In some circumstances having AT fitted to your gun could also give you an additional defence in court (in casting doubt on a demon forensic labs procedures).
I agree with this, if the defending barrister points out that the lab removed the "anti-tamper", it should be clear to the Jury, that the lab tampered with the evidence.

Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
If you have a gun that can be adjusted for power externally with simple tools then I think pretty much all of your defence arguments are blown out of the water, so you're at the most risk. I still don't think that risk is a significant one though. In Matt's case where he has a Steyr with external power adjuster and his neighbours are unhappy about him shooting in his back garden - personally, I'd stop shooting in the back garden first and foremost, pop round to the neighbour in question and make the peace with them and also perhaps consider having the adjuster removed. Once you're known in the neighbourhood as being someone with an airgun, if there are ever any incidents of misuse in the area the finger of blame automatically points to you, so you're putting yourself at greater risk of a visit from the police and a subsequent seizure.
I think there is a significant risk from external adjusters. The rifle (without the use of tools) is clearly capable of producing power in excess of 12 ft-lb. Any complaint and instant criminal record.

Regarding good conduct, you cannot fully control the circumstances. A chap relatively local to me had inherited an old pump-up pistol from a relative. He was trying it in his back garden, when he was heard by Police investigating a burglary a few doors down. They took the pistol away, tested it and got done. The instructions said pump it 6 times, the lab pumped it 10 times. Having inherited it, he was completely unaware of the danger and knew not of the burglary.

Stop searches; a fellow (dark) club member was stopped in his car and asked "do you have a anything in the car we should be aware of". He mentioned the CO2 pistol in the boot and ended up spending the night in prison. He was not charged, but still major inconvenience.

That said, there are many reports of rifles being taken away for testing and them all coming back OK.
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