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You need an accurate and consistent rifle with a stock that fits you.

You have that with your MPR.

Spend your money on glass and learn that glass. You can buy points with glass. Ironic, because when HFT started it was to give people an alternative to FT and the need to spend a lot of money on glass.

Some guys still do very well with glass that's under 200 quid but the top quality glass and small objectives on some scopes do give an advantage in the right hands.

You can't give a poor shooter the best glass in the world and make him a great shooter but the better shooters will gain some advantage with top end stuff.

If you want your scores to go up then look at what is costing you points ( kneelers, standers, ranging, long ones, short ones, elevated ones etc ) and practice in those areas. It's no point keep going to the range and shooting tiny groups prone. You are just proving how good your rifle is.

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