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The reason I'm asking I am in the process of selling my Mpr in a ginb stock .
I have never shot a round of hft with it yet.i sold my lightstream scope yesterday so
before I pick a new scope and spend time learning my new scope I was thinking of buying a new steyr hft 2014.
But I have a niggle in the back of my mind .Do I need to spend so much money on a new rifle or stick with the 9 month old mpr and just buy a nice scope .
would spending that sort of money make that much difference to very average shot .

I shoot in the Sarpa shoots and you can pick the top 5 or 6 before every shoot and can Almost pick the 1st and second all use steyr walther or raw tm1000 one shooter has come through doing very well with a daystate target

The question is do I keep the mpr or buy a steyr hft
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