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Originally Posted by skires View Post
Following the AT thread I'm now convinced we don't need AT. So that's that. We've got it and it seems that the manufacturers had our pants down. I have never bought a gun with AT and never will. I can't do much else about that.

Hardly anyone is caught with an overpower air rifle with no other circumstance. I think that is fact.

I'd love a standard test that I can set my rifles to. We don't have one. Will campaigning get us one? Will campaigning put us in a worse place than we are now?

If someone, who keeps their guns at 11.5fp or under, and has no intention of doing anything silly, and is only going to shoot on permission or at clubs, and is still worrying about whether they will get their guns randomly seized, and end up with a criminal record, should probably sell their guns.

I like my guns. I think that the risk of me having them seized, and me getting a criminal record, is so low that I'll take the risk of keep them, and using them, without a standard test. If you know a way we can guarantee a standard test that won't put us in a worse place then I'm in.
While shooting with a friend in his back garden, towards paper targets on a backstop, we heard a neighbour say 'come in now, they are shooting guns!'
About 20 mins later three police cars arrived, I let them in, showed them the backstop, and told them all our rifles were under 12ftlb.
They basically said be careful, and dont let any pellets stray beyond the garden. Not too bad?
But what if she had decided to tell a porky, and say we pointed anything in her direction?
Guns taken away, tested, they wind the lg100 power up, i'm in ****, whether I did anything or not is irrelavent.
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