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The classic politician's guide to debate. Make a statement that can't be denied. Then just keep repeating that statement.

The sky is blue ... Yes but what about x,y and z? ... The sky is blue ... Yes we know, but about x,y,z ... The sky is blue.

Point A ... ( We all know that ... ) If someone has their rifle taken, and a test house tests it and says it is over 12fp, then that is an offence and you get a criminal record.

You can go on sites where they provide a list of incredible ways that people die. These will show that, statistically, you have more chance of dying due to putting your trousers on, than you have of falling foul of 'Point A' ... but all you have to do is keep stating 'Point A' and then mention the very foundation of fear ... that all psychiatrists/therapists dread ... and all insurance companies love ...

'What if'

... and you can shoot down every x, y and z.

I would love a standard test. Will we, by campaigning for one, find ourselves in a better place than we are now? So, I, and my apologies to the very odd few that now have a criminal record, won't lose sleep over my 11.5fp air rifle, and I'll also risk keep putting my pants on in the mornings.
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