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Originally Posted by rich View Post
Tilting at windmills maybe, but I think all manufacturers should fix at their cost any rifle that has drifted over the limit, at any time in its life and this should not be a time-limited warranty.

After all, when you bought the rifle you asked for a sub 12 fpe rifle. If it's gone over through no fault of yours then it's not fit for purpose.

Once it was no longer a money spinner we might see a different and more sensible approach from the manufacturers. As it is now, they almost have a vested interest in your gun creeping up.
Wasn't a well known member of the gun trade charging an extra 25 for removing AT prior to working on your rifle

If you send your rifle to a manufacturer to have the power dropped they will not only charge you for doing it but will also charge you for removing the AT and also putting it back.
You have also got the cost of postage (which we know is now getting more and more difficult)

As Brian say's, anyone with any sense will not buy an AT fitted rifle. Just not worth it.

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