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Part of a BASC PDF.

The difficulty comes when police officers want to seize airguns, firearms / shot guns for any
other reason. There are many other circumstances where police, as a standard operating
procedure, wish to remove firearms ‘just in case’. Typically this takes place where disputes
arise such as domestic incidents or when potentially malicious allegations are made. Often
police will phrase questions in such a way that you voluntarily surrender the guns. Should
you refuse, the only action the police can take is to make a request to the firearms
licensing manager or relevant senior operational officer for the certificate(s) to be revoked.
For low powered airguns, a letter of revocation cannot be issued as no licensing system
exists for them, the police have to rely on convincing you to hand your airguns over; the
police may only seize them if they have ‘reasonable grounds’ that an offence has been or is
about to be committed and includes the reasonable suspicion that the muzzle energy of the
air rifle is greater than 12 ft lbs (or over 6 ft lbs for an air pistol.) Such seizures may only
take place under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act or the Firearms Acts. They can seize
anywhere, with or without a warrant.

Looks like they can.

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