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Originally Posted by Andy006 View Post
Nice little earner for the manufacturers ! Prior to AT, your mate in the club could do it for ya. I'll bet hundreds get sent back for power adjustment these days. And they won't do it for free unless it's still under warranty.

Has it happens, do you actually get a warranty (other than the the statutory one covered in the sales of goods act? Go and have a read of your warranty, see what it says.
If you choose to buy a gun with AT fitted - that's the consequence of your choice unfortunately.

The only power we seem to have as shooters that the industry cares about in any way is how we spend our money. If everyone refuses to buy a gun with AT fitted, they'll re-think it or go out of business.

I've done my bit - I've never bought a gun with AT fitted to it.
Not only that but, I've never bought a gun that has ever had AT fitted to it and removed at a later date.
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