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Originally Posted by skires View Post
I'd have said ..

Bloody Hell ... this is weird ... I've been driving around with air rifles in my car for 36 years and this has never happened before ... and to be honest, I've been visited by police on permissions ( cricket clubs in towns and surrounded by houses ), and they've just checked that it's just an air rifle and then bid me good day and been on their way. One of them seemed quite interested and watched me knock a few targets down.

It's back to the scare stories Vs how many times does this actually happen?

I'd have been more worried about driving home in my car and some drunk coming through a T junction and killing me. That didn't happen either, thank God, but there was statistically more chance of that happening than a copper stopping me, taking the 77, and me getting a criminal record. I could always sell the car and never go out of the house just in case I come across that drunk.
All of what you have said makes absolutely no difference.

The Police Officer is taking your rifle. You know it's over power. At best a Caution, lose the rifle and a Criminal record.
It only has to happen once to the person involved.

One of the members on here a few years ago got into all sorts of trouble and I don't know the outcome.
Argument with a local scrote. Scrote says he shot at me. Gun taken and tested at I think at 12 and a bit.
I think it was costing him thousands and as said I don't know how he ended up.
Anyone remember ?

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