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Originally Posted by skires View Post

I own a HW77k that is a lovely thing to shoot. It's in a custom thumbhole stock.

There was a smashing young lad who used to be on the BBS every day. He loved his airgunning. He bought the 77 as a project and he fitted a V-Mach kit to it and had it reblued. He also fitted a V-Mach silencer/catch.

He had bought the stock ( Walnut ), semi finished from a bloke we found in Derby. He spent weeks working on the stock, shaping and sanding.

He put the stock up for sale for 60 quid. It still needed finishing but was mainly done. I told him he was crazy selling the stock. He insisted it had to go, so I said I would have it off him. I met him on a car park half way between mine and his. I asked him if he was absolutely sure and he said he was, so he handed me the stock and I gave him 60 quid.

He then took something out of his boot, all wrapped in a blanket, and put it in the back of my car. He said that he totally insisted that I didn't look in the blanket but just drive off home. I had no idea where this lad lived. I did open the blanket and inside was the 77 that he had done all the work on and spent a fortune on.

I asked him what was going on? He explained that his young wife had just had a baby. He had had the 77 chrono'd and it was doing 12.2fp. He had read on the internet that this was then an illegal firearm and would land him 5 years in jail. He didn't want to go to jail, especially with the new baby etc. I told him that it was absolutely no problem. I could turn it him down in a few minutes, at home, and get it back to him. No charge. He said that he had read that once a firearm, always a firearm and it couldn't be turned down. I explained that that was just if it had been deliberately, and legally, made into a firearm and registered as such. He wouldn't have it. I told him I would give him money for it. He didn't want to take money for an illegal firearm. He said he was sorry, for landing it on me but he couldn't face throwing it in the canal, and he hoped I'd know what to do.

As all this is being said he's climbing in his car and basically closing the door and driving off.

I didn't see him on the BBS again.

It took 1 cup of tea and 15 minutes and the rifle was shooting beautifully at 11.5fp.

This is the sort of insanity, and damage, that all this talk does to our sport.
Nice story Col.

What would you have said to the Police Officer who made a traffic stop, looked in your boot and said he was taking the rifle for testing as he suspected it was over power.

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