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Hi Brian,

I don't see that we have the backing of anyone.

They wont even allow discussion in certain quarters and AMTA are taking the "Secret Squirrel" route.
If someone is breaking the law then let them be prosecuted under the legislation they're breaking. This "Catchall" attitude is absolute rubbish. "We might be able to get him for an over power airgun", why not get him for the offence he's committed.

We keep hearing there's no-one, or hardly anyone prosecuted for an over power gun. Great, so there's no problem then and no need for AT. If there is a problem then lets have a set test so we can ensure "we" are not part of the problem.

We keep getting told that we "Mustn't rock the boat", "we mustn't let the Anti's know", "they won't listen to us and drop the power limit". Where's all this coming from ?
The H.O. have said recently that sub 12FPE semi-auto's are O.K. and there will not be any prosecutions. The Chief Police Officers appear to want a Standard test. Hardly seems to be that we're knocking on a "closed door".

We do however have an industry that stops us complying with the law. Tells us that "if we make a semi-auto the H.O. will immediately ban it". Makes and sells short barreled air rifles and doesn't tell us of the risks.
Can we really believe them on anything ?

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