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With regards to the 3 in 1, if the commercial forensic lab has in its test remit " to ensure the gun is lubricated" then if it is not obviously dieseling, after a couple of shots, why would the court reject its findings?
The labs are told they must "follow their own procedures" and if this is one of them, then I would say that is enough.

Back in the real world, what Skires says is absolutely on the money. The police have no criminal interest in folks like us, going about our business pest controlling with permission or target shooting at clubs and events.
I was most disappointed to see a friend of mine on here wanting to get rid of his lovely Steyr because it might be capable of going over. This kind of paranoia is not healthy and completely unnecessary. Go about your shooting responsibly, keep a Combro in your bag and take regular readings with weighed pellets. Perhaps, don't buy a gun with AT or have it removed so YOU can be responsible for its power. It's not that hard
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