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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post

Not all guns are at risk here, for example my TX runs at about 11.2 fpe, there is nothing the police could do to my TX to make it exceed 12fpe.
A couple of drops of 3 in 1 down the transfer port ... sit gun butt down for a few mins and dah dah ...

I have an old Webley Eclipse pamphlet somewhere where Webley advised that you do this regularly to keep the power up.

I've desperately avoided getting involved in this one.

This will seem terribly blase' of me ... but ... ( ... and the obvious response will be ... " Yes but what if you are THE ONE that ends up with a criminal record " ) ...

Do we have the figures in yet for just how many people have been criminalised for having an over the limit air rifle AND no other issue was present? ( Several million air rifles been out there that could be made capable for @ half a century ).

I've mentioned this many times ... I spoke to Staffordshire ( massive County ) police firearms about this. They basically said that they don't give a monkey's. If you have done something silly with your gun, or they have an interest in you for other issues and they take your gun, then it would be nice if they can find that gun over the limit and can take measures to make sure you don't get it back ... or load that onto your offences. If you are an airgunner and on private land, where you have permission, or shooting at a club, just have fun because they don't give a toss about you or your air rifle.

Now given that ... the present system does give them some leeway to nobble the idiots.

Also given that ...

Hasn't someone sat down here and said ...

Q. How much work is involved in setting this up? A. Quite a lot ( I know people will say that this should be within the capabilities of man in 2015 ... but we've been arguing about it for decades and can't find an answer ).

Q. Ok, so it's a lot of work ... what will all this cost to set up and put in action? A. Probably quite a lot again.

Q. Ok so it's lots of work and expensive ... what scale of a problem are we talking about here? How many cases do we see per year where someone has been found with an over the limit rifle and there were no other circumstances? A. Basically **** all.

Q. Ok then ... so the present system ... is it basically helping us to nail the morons that we do end up dealing with that have done something dodgy and we end up taking their air rifle? A. Pretty much, yeah.

Q. Er ... next item on the agenda?

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