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Originally Posted by chloe View Post
Air Weapons Select Committee Home Affairs Second Report circa 2000. Read on line leaves no doubts about what air gunners are up against. Further reports often state so called facts from this 2000 paper.
I have read that report before and appreciate that we do live in an increasingly anti gun society.

An interesting excerpt from that report.
The first part was concerning the "Approval of FAC air on the nod" without it being understood what power FAC air could produce. First raised by "Scottish ACPO" in 1997.

"air rifles are now available which can be adjusted to produce kinetic energy of up to 95 ft/lb . . . other air rifles are being developed to produce a kinetic energy of 150 ft/lb or more . . . the rapid development of air weapons should be a matter for urgent consideration . . . with a view to prohibiting/restricting automatic air weapons or the manufacture of those capable of adjustment to discharge a missile producing kinetic energy above an appropriate level".[207]

128. The apparent confusion between two Government agencies over the lowest power level at which a firearm can inflict a lethal wound indicates to us that the definition of lethality in law—and thus the definition of a firearm—admits a certain amount of room for interpretation. We believe that this confusion ought to be addressed, and that an authoritative assessment of the power level at which lethality is judged to occur should be provided. We recommend that the Government establish unambiguous criteria for judging the lethality of a firearm, and undertake the necessary research to provide an authoritative assessment of the power level at which a firearm is considered lethal.

129. The recommendation of the Scottish police services also indicates that assessments of the power levels of air weapons are not being performed to a common standard. We recommend that the Home Office and the Forensic Science Service introduce a common standard for the testing of air weapons.

Looks like standard testing may not be too objectionable.

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