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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
Maybe the flexibilty in the testing is there for a reason......unplanned or otherwise. If a responsible air rifle shooter has his rifles taken and tested then the flexibilty 'could' be used to give the shooter a bit of leniency. Now if a scumbag drug dealer is caught with a rifle and had it tested the flexibilty could allow the prosecution to throw the book at him......Just speculation and maybe a curve ball?
Hi Chris,
Terry Doe has voiced that particular reason on a number of occasions.

The police and the CPS have all the leeway they need. Police can forward prosecution requests to the CPS or not. The CPS can prosecute or not dependent on whether they think it in the public interest.

Why should we be the "Catchall law sufferers" if the Police want to catch and prosecute a "druggy" then they should have enough legislation at their disposal that would be much better than relying on whether he has an airgun or not

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