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Originally Posted by raygun View Post
Hi Brian,

I think there is a need for a standard test, both for the manufacturer to set to and for us to check we are compliant with the law. That it would be used for prosecutions goes without saying.

There is not only a great reluctance from AMTA, in fact they've got their heads buried that far in the sand they're talking to Emu's.

There also appears to be reluctance from shooting organisations although I don't know why. The shooting organisations are the only route I can think of where we might make progress.

From a manufacturers point of view how can they possibly set up the power of a rifle when they don't know how it would be tested. They should be the first in the queue protesting.

I don't think the "nuts and bolts" of a standard test are beyond the wit of man. BSI administer far more complicated testing regimes without problem.

It's not going to happen then

I'm not saying it isn't wrong and I'm not saying that it puts us in an uncertain legal position - what I'm saying is.. we have two choices.. either try our best to mitigate those risks or sell all of our guns and give up.

I don't think changing the law or changing HO policy is something that's possible sadly.

Is it right and fair? - no it isn't - I just don't see what can be done about it if the industry isn't interested in lobbying government.
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