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Originally Posted by raygun View Post
Test procedure.

1. Charge rifle with air to optimum fill pressure, plus 15bar.

2. Allow cooling for 20 minutes.

3. Top up to optimum fill pressure.

4. Establish an average weight of pellet weight from a random selection of 30 pellets.

5. Shoot a minimum of 20 pellets, recording the velocity and kinetic energy at a distance of no more than
50cm from the muzzle.

This should be done with a light, medium and heavy pellet.
So what is the "optimum fill pressure" for any given rifle? Where is this published? What about the pump-ups? How many pumps? I have rifles that peak at maximum fill and I have rifles that peak at lower fill. I fill them to exploit the maximum power band and I expect this is what testers will do. I have read that test centers tried at over pressure and at near empty to try and make it go over power. I must object against the over-pressure case, but I think they can fill to whatever they want within the gun's normal operating range. Nothing wrong with that IMO.

Allow cooling? To what temperature? What if it's a hot day? How about firing off a few times to settle the regulator?

Choice of pellet is a difficult one. Average weight? What if someone brings out a super-heavy pellet? Or as super light one? The average will shift. Not a fixed standard and not representative of real-world usage.

In one case, it was ruled that the gun should be tested with the pellets the gun was found with. IMO, this is quite reasonable. In other cases, the gun was tested with light, medium and heavy weight pellets, then the highest powered brand selected for the final shot string from which an average was taken. Also reasonable.

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