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Originally Posted by raygun View Post
Where do you think the Police will go.

To the Lab that gets them the results, or the one that doesn't.

There is no mention of corruption. A test lab can use any test method it wishes. If one labs gets "better" results from it's testing procedure than another then I'm sure it will get the repeat business. Could also work on a cost basis as well.

As the Key Forensic tester said in Court, "It's my job to ensure the rifle shoots above the limit". I'll let you decide whether that's corruption or not.

I'll tell you what Ray you are the master of taking possibility, extrapolating it and then pushing a story into it.

You have no evidence the above happens or would happen, it just pure subjective conjecture to garner support of a non-existent argument.

"I'm Sure" isn't good enough really, is that the same "sure" that said the HO wasn't at the meetings?
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