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I found the letter I received some years ago. I had asked how my rifle would be tested if it were to be seized and checked, as I was concerned that a recent legal case had apparently created a precedent that allowed the testing lab to interfere substantially with the evidence.

The enquiry was routed through my MP, and this is an extract of the reply he received:


It will be for the courts to decide whether the testing method used in any particular case is reasonable. If (rich) remains unsure about the legal status of any air weapon he holds he should seek expert technical and legal advice. He will wish to know that the Airgun Manufacturers and Traders Association, working with the Forensic Science Service, have a standardised procedure for testing air weapons to ensure they comply with the law.


Point missed completely. I wasn't unsure about the legal status of my rifle. Notice they insist on using the term "air weapon".

If AMTA have this standardised procedure that is apparently endorsed by the Home Office, maybe the shooting fraternity might make use of it, in the interests of the sport.

Endorsed might be too strong a term; let's just say the HO are sufficiently impressed by it that they offer the knowledge of its existence as a level of comfort to me.

Possibly the author of this letter believed at the time that all rifles produced by AMTA members were tested for compliance.
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