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Originally Posted by Altx View Post
Forgive the ignorance, what is SFT. I know I will prob look stupid, just can't think what the S is ?
Not stupid at all buddy...i think there's not many regions shooting the class.

SFT is Sporting Field Target where you use a normal hunting or HFT rig to shoot. 12 mag max, FT sitting position (although you are allowed to shoot prone but you have to be on your elbows and no peg), you can adjust your scope at the start of each lane which can be tricky as the lanes in FT have 2 targets. For example if the first target is a 15mm kill at 20 yards and the second a 40mm at 55 yards you have to choose how to set your scope once at the lane for both targets. Range finding is by guessing (i personally bracket the kill sizes) but it's very rewarding when a 55yard FT target goes down when you're on 10 mag and guessing the range. we have some brilliant banter in the NEFTA FT Winter league shoots and imagine the pressure on a FT shooter when he gets to his lane and finds he has a good SFT shooter and a good springer shooter waiting for him I've been shooting it for a few years now and really enjoy the challenge. There's a SFT class at the NEFTA Classic each year.there used to be one in the GP series but lack of interest from the other regions killed it off.
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