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Here is an analogy.

Ray takes his car in for MOT. It fails, on emissions.

Why has it failed, he asks. Well, when we took off the cat converter and the diesel particulate filter, the emissions went sky high.

But, Ray says, the car is supposed to have those components fitted, you can't just remove them to get a fail.

Oh yes we can, says the MOT station. So long as we follow our own procedures - and they give us just this power - we are within the law.

Ray is unhappy about this and takes it to court. The judge explains to the jury, it may not be just, it certainly isn't justice, but it is the law, and my job is to see the law upheld. I direct you to find Ray guilty. And I order his car to be crushed, with no compensation.

Fortunately this is all conjecture and make believe, because MOTs are carried out to a national standard.
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