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Default Forensic testing of Airguns.

The "Traditional" understanding was that your rifle would be tested with a light, medium and heavy pellet. Now this still may be true but other factors have reared their head.

The Forensic Science Service (who performed the tests) is now defunct and testing is farmed out to independent forensic test labs.
These labs have a requirement to follow their own procedures, which can be anything they wish. The "Forensic Science Regulator" will only be interested in them following their own procedure (whatever that is). If their procedure says that they can adjust the rifle in any way they wish to ensure it goes over power then that is admissible. A private forensic lab has a financial interest in delivering a solution to ensure repeat business so we have to be beware of that fact.

BASC advise that if there is no obvious method of adjustment then nothing can be altered. I would love to believe that but other evidence says that you cannot rely on that advice.

There is no standard test procedure and as long as a test house follows it's own procedure then that is acceptable.

The law say's that your air rifle must not be CAPABLE of more than 12FPE.

The offence is one of strict liability and all that has to be proved is the fact your rifle is capable of shooting at more than 12FPE. Your only defence is to prove the testing was incorrect. Intent does not have to be proved.

I'm not saying that all of us are in danger of being prosecuted but if you are the one, then it is important.

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