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Originally Posted by matt goodson View Post
In short, yes I've always been bothered that the power can be put over 12ftlb.

Thats the green port then? I understand I'd need to wind the adjuster back up, so long as it can do 760fps again with 8.4's that fine by me.
It would limit the shot count, I presume. I dont really care if the shot count drops, 50-60 would be fine. Would it affect the shot cycle in any other way, or god forbid the accuracy?

Sorry, one last thing, from where could I get the new port?

The current transfer port is black with a green o ring but you'd need a silver port (same o ring) Shot count would half and i've found the firing cylcle just isn't as smooth. The rifle is working too hard and the balance of reg pressure vs hammer spring tension vs transfer port size is totally wrong.

I would contact HP for a silver port if you decide on that route....if he doesn't have any i could probably ask Steyr directly for you?

There are currently 3 types of transfer port.
Black...normal 12ft/lb
Silver... 12ft/lb but a different sized hole that stops the rifle going over power. Although i have managed it with a Silver port fitted.

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