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Originally Posted by saddler View Post
Is the reason you want to convert it to internal power adjustment so that you can claim it is not adjustable over 12fpe?
If so, I wouldn't bother. If you read the anti-tamper thread, then anicdotal evidence suggests that if a testing house wants your gun to shoot over 12fpe, they will think nothing of stripping it down and winding up the hammer spring as far as it will go, whether it's got an internal or external power adjuster.
I'd suggest the best way would be fit the smaller transfer port that limits the mamimum power the gun will achieve.
The gun won't shoot as efficiently, but you will have piece of mind.
In short, yes I've always been bothered that the power can be put over 12ftlb.

Thats the green port then? I understand I'd need to wind the adjuster back up, so long as it can do 760fps again with 8.4's that fine by me.
It would limit the shot count, I presume. I dont really care if the shot count drops, 50-60 would be fine. Would it affect the shot cycle in any other way, or god forbid the accuracy?

Sorry, one last thing, from where could I get the new port?

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