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Originally Posted by matt goodson View Post
to the type where I'd need to remove the rear stock.

Any advice?

Hi Matt, the internal power adjuster has a different hammer and hammer spring. The hammer has a flat that the roller bearing sits on and the hammer spring sits over the hammer rat tail which causes that 'ping' on some rifles. The external power adjuster (the silver top hat that can be adjusted without stripping the rifle) has no flat on the hammer and a longer thinner spring that sits inside the hammer. I'm of the thinking that the external power adjuster set up is better because the hammer can rotate slightly per shot although that's only speculation. Both my Steyr's have ext power adjusters but i've shot many of the int power models that have been super accurate with no long term probs at all. Steyr changed it for a reason i suppose?

The newer hammer coming from Steyr are now different again as it looks as if they are slightly lighter. I have a couple so can chuck them on the scales this weeeknd to find out.
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