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Originally Posted by herx77 View Post

Close shots are always blurry,and they doen't get better the older you get. Young eyes have a huge advantage here,something that the FT'ers recognised and allowed a small hole on the front flip cap to ensure a level playing field for all.You got to see the target to shoot it This is not going to happen in the 'near' future, so it gets harder to shoot through a fog, but a chance of a heart attack if you manage to knock one down occasionally.
Peep sights sort out close targets but fall down the farther out you go.But are worth considering!
So, if your eyes are young and their muscles can pull focus on short and long targets, no problems. If older,pick up the generous handicap and hope for the best , or use very longggg barrels. Nothing in the rules about this so far, should be ok once you solve the weight problem..
HERX77 .
lucky for you then Mike as we only get 1or 2 close ones on a course
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