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Originally Posted by raygun View Post
There is absolutely nothing stopping anyone from joining "Shooting the Breeze" and discussing this subject.

The drawback for some is that it would have to be an open discussion. After all it's something that could affect any one of us.
Why would any airgun forum not want to discuss a very important airgun issue. Anything that stops us airgunners complying with the laws that govern our use of airguns should be discussed.

Totally agree - I see no reason at all why the subject can't be discussed on other forums, if there is a particularly sensitive part of the reason that isn't in everyone's interests to make public, then just don't make that bit public.

Being a little bit vague about some of the details is a lot better than refusing discussion completely.

Anyhoo.. I've been reminded again today why I prefer this forum to all the others.. that's just one more reason
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