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My GF had an AT rifle go hot, which was detected by the chrono at a ukahft round three years ago.
I rang Ben Taylor at Milbro, because I turst him, to have it turned down. He said he could do it, but, and I quote, 'Brocock will want that back as soon as possible, talk to them'.
Fair enough, I ring them and tell them that one of their AT rifle which was only a few months old has shot up in power and was doing a conservative 12.4ftlb.
They ask me how we know, I mentioned the skan chrono at the shoot, and that I confirmed it on my combro; obviously I kicked myself for not spotting it, I now chrono 'known good' rifles much more often. The manufacturer said 'can we collect it today?'. We couldnt, but they picked it up the next day.
I took the day off work for them to come get it, it was returned for free a few weeks later.
When they got it back they sat on it for quite a long time, needing repeated phone calls, and they gave three different days it would be returned, failing on each. I followed up to see whats going on each time, they kept promising a different day and then failing.
I got pretty ****** at them, and said I was rather upset that they'd sold me an air rifle with AT which had became a section one firearm just by shooting it.
That got the lead out of their but, and it came back doing 11.5.

From this I conclude, manufacturers know whats going on, and they dont want hot AT rifles out in the wild.
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