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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
I've now spoken to two people who were actually at the meeting where the trade introduced AT.
Representatives from the HO were there also (2 of them, one was a scientific adviser)

My conspiracy theory about what I thought might have happened wasn't quite right. I'm more leaning towards the theory that the AMTA sold us down the river. I have no idea why the whole meeting is shrouded in mystery and NDA's or why the FOI Request to the HO wasn't truthful (I suspect it might have depended on the exact wording of the question).

So there you go.. after finding out what really happened, I find myself agreeing with Ray on most things, although I still don't agree that pushing for a standard test procedure and risking a change to the law would be a good thing for air gunners in general.

Jeez, after reading 29 pages you can't say you know the truth of it and then fail to post the details...

Come on let us in on the truth.
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