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Default FX Bobcat

Most inaccurate rife I have ever owned.
Tried two and both only accurate up to about 40 - 45 yds. At 55 yds will not group and at least one in ten shots drop 5 to 7.5 cm low. This is with two batches of 8.4 Exacts and also 7.9 Express.

It seems that Smooth Twist in .177 does not work. Others on this site ( Scutter) seem to know more about the history of smooth twist not working in .177 sub FAC but it seems in the US, the smooth twist barrel works well with FAC .22 and .30 calibre.

I all other respects, the rifle is well made, very consistent power output and nice trigger for a Bullpup. Only solution is to re-barrel using MPR, EV2 etc Air Arms barrels. Sure this would cure the inaccuracy problem. Without this, the rifle is only good for hunting and plinking.

I have contacted FX Sweden about this and still awaiting their response.
The UK agent for FX (ASI) is very sympathetic, but I think they don't want to say much as they must hear this from other users too.
Another factor is single shot loading. The rifle is meant to operate using the multi-shot magazines. FX supply a single shot adaptor (30), but it is useless as its not possible to see which way the pellet is pointing. I modified mine to allow me to see the pellet, but if you have small fingers, I would recommend inserting the pellet directly. Its fiddly, but gets easier the more you do it.
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