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Had a club HFT shoot today. It was cold, it rained and things got muddy. The gun has been christened.

Taking the action out of the stock for cleaning+drying is not as easy as before. Allen key to take out the palm shelf, two small screws for the slot cover, 2 bigger screws to remove the clamp and only then the stock bolt. I now need to carry screw drivers in my kit -allen keys are so much smaller.

How did I do? I got an average (for me) score of 49/58, which I am pleased with since it is a new gun with different aim points. Accuracy of the gun was as good as one could expect. The lost points were due to errors in judgement on my part, except possibly one shot, which inexplicably went off to the right. Maybe a lapse in trigger technique, or a blade of grass, who knows. Also, I may need to revise my 40 yard aim point. Also, I may need to come up with new excuses.

It felt comfortable to shoot, certainly an improvement on what I was using before. Prone shots with butt on floor for added stability :- I can now maintain a proper cheek weld. Prone shots high on peg with butt in shoulder to clear nearby obstacles :- felt nice and snug. Unsupported standers felt natural, though I was feeling a bit cold today and didn't do well on them. Shivering is such a distraction. The gun is well balanced and the added weight I think is of benefit rather than a hinderance. I was asked whether the gun makes a "farting" hamer bounce noise, like some BSAs -I can tell you that mine doesn't. The air cylinder was still half full at the end of the shoot.

My Goldstar SE is a multi-shot model and I was using a single-shot adapter. The peg locking the adapter in place came loose a few times; I would like to know how to fix this. The multi-shot adapter also comes loose in the same manner after a while. There must be an easy solution. No problems so far with the multi-shot adapter BTW.

The black pepper stock fetched some interest from onlookers. I am chuffed to bits about this gun, bar the few niggles mentioned, I think BSA got this one right. I have to say, I think this is the Ultimate HFT Sporter
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