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This will need to be answered by Sparky or Dutt.

I'm quite sure that originally, years ago, this rule was added to stop people using Laser dots to be used as well as telescopic sights ( or scopes with laser dots ).

These set ups could be used to help range.

It interests me as I have always personally struggled with close range targets ( 8 - 12 ). My eyes mean that they are totally blurred beyond recognition. Kills at those ranges are 20mm minimum. If I shoot at 20mm kills at 8 - 12 yards with the scope focused it's not difficult once you know the hold over. I'll hit them all day long. Shooting at them when you can't see them means I miss the odd one, especially if it's shot up.

If I shot those ranges up the garden using open sights I'd hit them with far less problem than trying to hit what I couldn't see. I started using high mounts and I often thought that I could use see through mounts and leave the open sights on. Then use the open sights to shoot the close range targets that I couldn't see through the scope.

Is that what you are thinking?

People used to use cheapo reading glasses for close targets as that helped focus them. That was also frowned upon.

You also can't use a flip down front cover for the scope with a small hole ( like FT shooters do ).

It will be interesting to see what the decision is.
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