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Originally Posted by thebaron View Post
Can anyone give me a good reason as to why the 7.9 Grain JSB Exact Express .177 pellets are so much cheaper to buy than the equivalent AA Diablo Express.

The AA Express seem to command a 2 premium/tin over the JSBs. Why?

Other than additional quality controls in place for the AA branded pellets, I can see no other reason.
AA buy the pellets from JSB in the first place, AA then have a network of retail outlets that they have to supply pellets to at a trade price. AA make a profit, the retailer makes a profit - that's 2 middlemen in the mix both making a profit.

I don't believe there are tighter quality controls for AA pellets over JSB's own brand label.

Personally, I'm not a fan of the way AA used their muscle to stop JSB supplying pellets in bulk to clubs a few years back, so for that reason alone I won't buy AA branded pellets.
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