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Originally Posted by thebaron View Post
Can anyone give me a good reason as to why the 7.9 Grain JSB Exact Express .177 pellets are so much cheaper to buy than the equivalent AA Diablo Express.

The AA Express seem to command a 2 premium/tin over the JSBs. Why?

Other than additional quality controls in place for the AA branded pellets, I can see no other reason.
I know where your coming from but tbh Personaly the amont of effort and cost involved, 2 quid a tin is two cups of tea at a shoot or 20 miles getting to one , if I could source the pellets that go well in my rifles I would be happy at 50 quid a tin, the amount of posts you see testing batches at different ranges in different types of guns does my head in , I think finding a barrel that isnt fussy is a god send , dont get me wrong , I had a bloke with minute groups at an indoor range with a tx200 insist on me giving them a go in my ftp , he had about 10 mm at 50 yds sort of bench rested ,mine was bout 35 mm, and no, dont bother asking what die I would pay 50 quid a tin for as I would hate for this to turn into an auction
ps worst move I did was buying scales , recipe for insomnia, still if it gives you confidece go for it
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