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I just got my .22 version. You don't want one, they're mine, all mine!
A few early observations:

1) Stock fit is very good for me, just fitted scope, raised cheekpiece and it felt good to go.
2) Trigger is nice out of the box. I might adjust the length of pull at some point, but it's almost spot-on.
3) The gun is heavier than I expected it to be. But that's OK, it's still very manageable. Should help with stability.
4) The fill probe is different to the one I use for my earlier BSAs. Need to use the one supplied in box.
5) Regulation is what you would expect. I only noticed pellets dropping 0.2 mil-dot low a 55 yards, when the cylinder pressure dropped to 90 BAR. Built-in gauge is handy BTW.
6) Accuracy is what you would expect, with JSB express. Though I would like another 10 FPS.
7) The convex shape of the palm shelf makes it nicer to hold than the flat ones.
8) The safety catch now on the left-hand side is handy to use. I might actually start using it!
9) The gun looks even nicer in the flesh. All mine, I tell you!

I will be testing a bit more it over the next few days...

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